for hosts

If you think you may be interested in being a home-host for PlumFest 2021, please complete this form. We will begin the process of matching hosts with musicians some time in July. In general hosts must meet the following criteria:

1.) A suitable performance site – The site does not need to be huge, but must be capable of holding a group of musicians and their equipment, in a location that is viewable by a small audience. A covered/shaded area for the performers is also required (pop-up tents may be available for use at some sites if needed).

2.) A suitable viewing area – The area should comfortably fit a minimum of 20-30 people, including some space for chairs for those who want or need them. The area MUST NOT block or impede traffic, or encroach on neighbors’ property without the neighbor’s permission.

3.) Hosts must provide receptacles for trash and recycling, and accept responsibility for cleaning the area around their site at day’s end.

4.) Hosts will coordinate all logistical issues with the bands/performers that will be playing at their site – and the audience – including managing the day’s schedule, arranging for sound management, etc.  In most cases, the bands or the event organizers will have helped pre-organize the day, but home hosts must be the “go-to” person on the day of the event.

5.) Host will be responsible for letting neighbors know about the day’s events, promoting the event in their area, and ensuring that neighbors are kept “in the loop.”

If you would like to offer to host, or would like more information, please complete and submit the following form:

Street Address:
Area Code
- Phone Number
Please confirm that you understand and can fulfill the host requirements listed above:* Yes, I can meet the host requirements
How did you hear about PlumFest?
Will you be able to provide a sound system for the day?:* Yes No
Will someone be available to collect donations? Yes No
Do you have a specific performer/band you would like to host? (note: we will try to accommodate requests, but not all requests are guaranteed):