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We unfortunately have had to cancel PlumFest 2020, so we are no longer accepting applications to perform. We hope to see you all at a future PlumFest, and encourage everyone to find alternate ways to keep the music flowing!

Stay healthy and safe!
The PlumFest team

Update 3/2/2020
ATTENTION! Due to the overwhelming number of submissions so far, we can only guarantee a space to perform for those individuals/bands who have a specific host on the island who is willing to host them at their home. We apologize for the inconvenience, but with the ever-increasing number of interested performers and limited number of host sites, we simply do not have enough sites to accomodate everyone. 

 As PlumFest continues to grow in popularity, we have pretty much 'max'd out' our capacity to feature full bands. Many of our hosts sites are simply not suitable for large bands, and the proximity of many of our sites makes it logistically difficult to support full bands without encroaching on the many acoustic acts, singer/songwriters, etc., that are so essential to the vibe and spirit of PlumFest. We encouarge all interested parties to apply, but unfortunately may not be able to accommodate every band.

Also, for 2020 we will be giving preference to bands that have arranged with a specific host site that can accommodate them; many of our musicians either live on the Island or have strong local connections, and many homeowners have ties to specific performers. We will accept all entries but you are more likely to gain a spot at PlumFest if you "pre-arrange" your own site/host.

PlumFest is a completely grass-roots effort, born out of a volunteer, “let’s make it happen” spirit. So, unfortunately we do not have the funding to pay performers. You are welcome to set up a merchandise table at your performance site, but the pay scale for all artists will be the same – a basket of gratitude and a cupful of PI love!

Applications to perform at PlumFest will close for everyone on April 15th, and we hope to have a schedule in place by May 1.
If you would like to perform at PlumFest, please complete the form below. You will be contacted by one of our organizers to follow up on your submission. Thank you!
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